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About Us

Where Music Meets Data

Sound Algorithm is a project that explores the intersection of music and data, providing music producers and DJs with guidance and inspiration to level up.

Both with a long-standing interest in music production and DJing, Will and Steve founded Sound Algorithm in 2023, aiming to create genuinely interesting and useful resources about the sounds we love, designed to get your creative juices flowing.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create the online resource we wish we had when finding our feet with digital music making, and create a home for our ideas and thoughts about the sounds we love. For anyone with an interest in music, whether you're a music producer, DJ or avid listener, we hope Sound Algorithm is a brand you'll enjoy.

The Team

Will and Steve have been good friends for years, with a shared interest in music and technology.


Inspired by drum and bass and dubstep artists at the time, Will started DJing when he was 15 after acquiring a cheap pair of vinyl decks. He later developed an obsession with the art of sampling, studying the music of his favorite hip hop and electronic music producers, frequenting sites like Who Sampled and YouTube channels such as nosbo 2007, and making beats in Ableton.

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Steve, a CTO by trade, is also a DJ, producer, and overall music nerd. His primary interests lie in production gear and hardware, exploring novel techniques for production, and delving into the science and engineering behind synthesisers.

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Want to get involved? We're on the look out for data and music enthusiasts who have a knack for data analysis and/or writing. Message with your ideas.