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Analzying Boiler Room: 10 Most Popular Sets of 2023

2023 had some epic Boiler Room parties around the world. Here's a breakdown of the most viral sets and popular locations.

Analzying Boiler Room: 10 Most Popular Sets of 2023

As a music and data nerd, I'm always looking for ways to combine the two, uncovering trends in music and music culture that interest me.

So I decided to analyze Boiler Room - the sets and locations that gained the most attention in 2023, as well as the cities that Boiler Room most frequently returns to. 

While admittedly, this isn't the most ground-breaking analysis, it gave me (and maybe you) a list of '2023-defining' sets to watch, plus some perspective of where Boiler Room loves to party around the world.

10 Most Viewed Boiler Room Sets of 2023

To assess this, I collated all 2023 Boiler Room sets available on YouTube and their respective views count (as of the beginning of January 2024).

1. Chase & Status - London

Saul from Chase & Status delivered this legendary set ahead of the release of their epic album, 2 RUFF. It debuted many of the new album's tracks, as well as some Chase & Status D&B classics.

2. Sara Landry - Manchester

The most viewed techno set of 2023, Sara Landry, delivers an hour of pure energy with a super ravey Manchester crowd to match. 

3. 100 gecs - Los Angeles

OK, this set is madness. 100 gecs play literally whatever they're vibing, mainly using a budget DJ controller.

Some highlights from the comments:

"this mix allows me to clean my room at speeds that shouldn't be possible"
"this set is like having a bunch of tabs open playing audio but you can't figure out which sound is coming from"
"This is what I imagine ADHD sounds like"

4. DESIREE - London

South African DESIREE delivers a house set that blends different world styles. 

5. Taylah Elaine - Amsterdam

Taylah Elaine produces a Soulection-esque set of impeccable transitions between edits of fan favorites. 

6. Kebra Ethiopia Sound System - Johannesburg

Wow, as one comment says:

"The man had ONE TURNTABLE and 37 speakers 10 feet high and rocked the crowd!"

This is two and a half hours of reggae and dub and pure sound system culture. 

7. Amaarae - Paris

Amaarae performs at Paris' Fête de la musique street festival, in a massive year for her with the release of her acclaimed album, Fountain Baby, a NPR Tiny Desk Concert performance, and this great feature on the KAYTRAMINÉ album. 

8. Denis Sulta - Edinburgh

This set from Denis Sulta (also referred to as Draco Malfoy in the comments) is pure upbeat vibes.

9. Marlon Hoffstadt - Malta

Some Boiler Room crowds get a lot of hate, but Marlon Hoffstadt's trance set at Glitch festival is super high energy and the crowd go crazy for it. 

10. Partiboi69 - Bangalore

Partiboi69 bringing some wacky 90s party vibes to Bangalore - I never knew this is something I needed to watch/listen to.

Here's a visualization of this analysis that I created in DataCamp Workspace:

And here's a visualization of the top locations by total number of 2023 set YouTube views in 2023:

A couple of supplementary insights from my analysis:

Where does Boiler Room hold parties the most?

When was the most recent Boiler room party by location?

Enjoy the sets and I hope Boiler Room comes to a location near you soon!

Will Homden profile image Will Homden
Sampling nerd with a passion for the intersection of music and data.