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Soulection Radio: 2023 in Review

Analyzing the most featured artists and most featured newcomers on Soulection radio in 2023.

Soulection Radio: 2023 in Review

This analysis unearths the artists that were most featured by Joe Kay and Co on Soulection Radio in 2023.

Shout out to Kyle Welsby, who developed and meticulously manages, where I got this data from. You can support him by buying him a coffee or becoming a patron.

If you're interested in the data, here's the analysis on DataCamp Workspace.

Here are the artists who featured the most on Soulection Radio in 2023:


Sango is a Soulection GOAT and tops the list of show features in 2023. Many new Sango originals and edits were played throughout the year, along with plenty of his classics.


MOJVKI has become a Soulection staple since first appearing in 2020. This collab with AFRIKANO is a favorite:


As always, J.ROBB edits and originals were ever-present across the year, as were edits as his mr surf alias.

1981 tokyo

1981 tokyo is another breakout artist over the past few years. His edits span all kinds of genres, from Amapiano to D&B.

Austin marc

Austin marc is a Soulection favorite when it comes to edits. In 2023 he released another two installments of his edit packs - you can find them on his Bandcamp.

Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz featured across many shows with both his original tracks and edits made by others, such as this house edit:


Sans featured in more shows in 2023 than any previous year since his Soulection debut in 2018.


JVKINHO is a Baile Funk-focused alias of MOJVKI (who has had a huge year on Soulection!).

Here are the artists who debuted on Soulection Radio in 2023, ranked by most radio features:


Sundé is a South African DJ and producer whose Amapiano tunes got significant Soulection playtime in 2023.


Hailing from Lisbon, Lokowat featured in six shows in 2023.

Uncle Kizzy

Uncle Kizzy put out a ton of music in 2023, with several of his flips featuring in shows throughout the year. 


Lilocox is another DJ from Lisbon who produces Afro-Portuguese dance music. Tracks from his Drums (Lata) release have been featured in several shows.


dotmáestro had a big emergence in 2023 and is definitely one to watch for the future.


318tae is for sure a breakout artist on Soulection in 2023. 11 of his tracks featured on various shows, with a personal favorite being Unfamiliar.

Mad Keys

Soulection White Label 025 features jazz-infused instrumentals from Mad Keys, which got airtime on multiple shows in 2023. 


2023 was no doubt the year of Amapinao on Soulection. DrummeRTee924 had several Amapiano tunes featured on shows, including 43 Drums (Salutation To 2wobunnies X Major League Djz).

Here's to 2024!

Will Homden profile image Will Homden
Sampling nerd with a passion for the intersection of music and data.